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Born in the streets of Harajuku, Shinjuku and Shibuya, Japanese Fashion has become a great model of Aesthetic and elegance with tons of beautiful apparel inspired by Japanese Culture and Japanese Folklore, which today has become a reference for lots of men and women around the world.

Follow your desire to follow the call of this amazing new type of Fashion coming from the Land of the Rising Sun and discover some of the most trendy outfits from Streetwear to Traditional!

Discover the origins of Japanese Streetwear with its more iconic pieces of clothing!

Born in the streets of the most famous districts of Japan, Japanese Streetwear is one of the most iconic clothing styles that conquered the world in 2021 with its elegance and its sharpness and is very appreciated by lots of men and women.

Born in the early 90's and created by a small group of young people from the neighborhood of Urahara, near the iconic districts of Harajuku and Aoyama in Tokyo, Japanese Streetwear was a symbolic solution for young Japanese people to stand up to their elders and free themselves from the very strict traditionalist values of Japan.

This new generation that was born with a non-conforming mindset created what we call today Japanese Streetwear clothing which led to the creation of talented designers and iconic brands of Street clothing famous all around the world such as UNDERCOVER, WTAPS or NEIGHBORHOOD. These brands, first little known, have today a huge impact on Fashion trends in western countries.

This trend later evolved into calling itself "Harajuku Fashion" as a tribute to the notorious district of Tokyo where most of the most famous Japanese Street Fashion trends are born.  Today, the diversity of Harajuku Clothing takes its inspiration in any art, may it be painting, sculpture, writing and of course Japanese animation from where is born the Anime Streetwear Fashion Trend.

Today, with our amazing collection of Japanese Street Fashion, you can find the best pieces of Japanese Clothing for men and women to complete your new favorite Japanese Streetwear Outfit


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What is an Oni?

What is a Yōkai?

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Japanese Style Clothing

If you want to dress with authentic Japanese Style Clothing, you have lots of options in the world of the Land of the Rising sun. You can choose to wear Japanese designer clothes from famous brands like Bape, Neighborhood or Y-3 from Yohji Yamamoto. Their clothing line are very Aesthetic and will surely change the way that you conceptualise modern clothes.

Japanese fashion clothing is also very diversified in lots of aspects. You can wear it at home, at work, in the streets, anywhere you want. What is great with Japanese clothing is that it's very stylish and matches very beautifully with nowadays westerns clothing trends.

Japanese Culture Clothing

Japanese everyday clothing that you can see in the popular streets of Japan is really inspired by the Japanese culture. For example, it is not rare to see people wearing Japanese festival clothing walking quietly in the middle of Tokyo, Shibuya or Ozaka. Some people also love to wear Vintage Japanese Clothing inspired by the old Feudal Japan, like the Edo Period when Yakuza were very popular at that time.

Japanese Casual Clothing are also very often designed with great and comfortable materials such as cotton, silk, polyester and leather, depending on the type of apparel that you chose to wear. Japanese inspired clothing also comes with others sugoi street style items like Japanese Jackets, bags, hats, sneakers that also are for sale on our online store.

However, there are other alternative if you don't like Streetwear but still want to dress with trendy Japanese Style Clothing from Japan. You can for example choose an outfit to look like an emo, a punk, a soft girl or soft boy, an e-girl or e-boy or even a Lolita that are styles that can be more cute (kawaii) and more cool. But there are a lot more styles to discover from the fantastic world of Japanese Fashion!

Modern Japanese Clothing

Japanese modern style clothing are a type of fashion that focus on the new trends of 2021 and inspired by the Japanese Fashion.

Japanese Techwear

Techwear Clothing is a type of Japanese urban clothing inspired by the the world of Cyberpunk that is a very popular video game from 2020. This trend focus primarily on outfits that look like Ninja style of Samurai style, using mostly the color black as main ton.