Japanese clothing

Japanese Clothing

The Best Japanese Fashion from Streetwear to Traditional

In Japan, Japanese clothes are typically categorized into two groups: The Wafuku (和服, lit. Japanese Clothing) which includes all types of traditional Japanese garments like the Kimono, the Yukata, the Haori, the Obi, or the Geta Sandals; and the Yōfuku (洋服, lit. Western-style clothing, also referred to as modern Japanese clothing) that includes all types of clothes worn in Japan nowadays that are inspired by western countries fashion or their cultures.

Japanese Style Clothing

Japanese Style Clothing

Japanese Style Clothing is a Fashion trend inspired by Japanese Fashion Trends from different cities and districts of Japan like Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Harajuku. This Fashion style consists of different combinations of Tops and Bottoms like Oversized T-shirts with cool printing of embroidered paired and Baggy pants. Moreover, it also exists other types of garments such as Kimono Jackets and Capri pants that go very well together and that you can match with aesthetic Japanese sandals.

If you want to dress in authentic Japanese Style, you have lots of options in the world of the Land of the Rising Sun. You can choose to wear Japanese designer clothes from famous brands like Bape, Neighborhood or Y-3 from Yohji Yamamoto. Their clothing line is very Aesthetic and will surely change the way that you conceptualize modern clothes.

Japanese style fashion is also very diversified in lots of aspects. You can wear it at home, at work, in the streets, anywhere you want. What is great with Japanese clothing is that it’s very stylish and matches very beautifully with nowadays Western clothing trends.

Japanese Aesthetic Clothing

Japanese Aesthetic Clothing

Japanese Aesthetic Clothing gathers all the clothes referring to the universe of Japan like its landscapes like Mount Fuji, its animals like the famous Koi Fish, or its monuments like the Tori Gates.

With such symbolic and innovative principles, you now understand that there is a real symbolism in Japanese Aesthetic Fashion. It is therefore normal that Japanese fashion draws a lot of inspiration from its roots in terms of both religious and natural aesthetics.

That’s why we find in Japanese Aesthetic clothes many inspirations from Shintoism with designs of gods or precepts from Japanese mythologies or artistic symbols such as cherry blossoms, waves, stars or Japanese animals, and Japanese Folklore creatures.

Japanese Culture Clothing

Japanese Culture Clothing

Japanese culture clothing gathers all different types of garments that are inspired by Japanese traditional clothes such as the Kimono, the Yukata, the Haori, the Noragi and more.

That is why all Japanese culture fashion& that you can see in the popular streets of Japan on the other end is mostly inspired by Japanese culture. For example, it is not rare to see people wearing Japanese festival clothing walking quietly in the middle of Tokyo, Shibuya, or Osaka. Some people also love to wear Vintage Japanese Clothing inspired by the old Feudal Japan, like the Edo Period when Yakuza were very popular at that time.

Japanese Casual Clothing is also very often designed with great and comfortable materials such as cotton, silk, polyester, and leather, depending on the type of apparel that you chose to wear. Japanese-inspired clothing also comes with other Sugoi street style items like Japanese Jackets, bags, hats, and sneakers that also are for sale on our online store.

Modern Japanese Clothing

Modern Japanese Clothing

Modern Japanese Clothing gathers all the different types of Japanese Fashion such as Traditional, Streetwear, and Techwear, and combines them with different western Fashion styles to create a brand new type of outfit that adapts itself perfectly in the 21st century.

From those, we can find some inspiration in American Fashion with Hip Hop and Streetwear and European, Korean, and Chinese Fashion.

Japanese Fashion

Born in the streets of Harajuku, Shinjuku and Shibuya, modern Japanese Fashion for men and women has become a great model of Aesthetic and elegance with tons of beautiful apparel inspired by Japanese Culture and Japanese Folklore, which today has become a reference for lots of people around the world. Follow your desire to follow the call of this amazing new type of Fashion coming from the Land of the Rising Sun and discover some of the most trendy outfits from Streetwear to Traditional!

Traditional Japanese Clothing

To dress like a true Japanese, there is nothing more elegant than the famous Japanese Traditional Clothing. For special events or simply for fashion, Japanese men and women love to dress according to their traditions. Japanese Women can dress with confidence like a true Geisha of modern times with our collection of Kimono for Women or accessorize their outfit with a cute and lightweight Women’s Kimono Cardigan with its beautiful patterns inspired by Japanese nature. Japanese Men on the other side can dress like true Donos and nobles with our collection of authentic Kimono Men and their elegant and sober patterns of colors. Furthermore, for more chillest weather, our collection also offer a great catalog of Men’s Kimono Jacket with short sleeves.

Japanese Streetwear

Born in the early 90’s and created by a small group of young people from the neighborhood of Urahara, near the iconic districts of Harajuku and Aoyama in Tokyo, Japanese Streetwear was a symbolic solution for young Japanese people to stand up to their elders and free themselves from the very strict traditionalist values of Japan. 

This new generation that was born with a non-conforming mindset created what we call today Japanese Street clothing which led to the creation of talented designers and iconic brands of Street clothing famous all around the world such as UNDERCOVER, WTAPS or NEIGHBORHOOD. These brands, first little known, have today a huge impact on Fashion trends in western countries.

Today, with our amazing collection of Japanese Streetwear Fashion, you can find the best pieces of Japanese Clothing for men and women to complete your new favorite Japanese Streetwear Outfit like a great Japanese Hoodie and Japanese Shirt!

Japanese Street Fashion

The Harajuku district offers us a concrete example of the diversity of style inside Japanese Street Fashion; a world merging either dark, colorful or eccentric universe inside one single movement.  

Techwear Fashion for men and women for example is a type of Japanese urban clothing inspired by the the world of Cyberpunk that is a very popular video game from 2020. This trend focus primarily on outfits that look like Ninja style of Samurai style, using mostly the color black as main ton. 

Lolita Fashion on the other side is a Japanese Style divided into three main substyles: ‘gothic Lolita’, ‘classic Lolita’, and ‘sweet Lolita’. Mostly worn by women, this style focus on dressing like an innocent doll with beautiful dresses.

Japanese Anime Clothing

For all fans of anime, Japanese Clothing® has created an entire section where you can purchase the best Anime Clothes and Streetwear from all your most favorite Anime Shows and Characters.

From Demon Slayer, to Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, HxH and even Jujutsu Kaisen, all the most iconic Japanese Animations Shows are available in our store.

That you want to cosplay Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx or wear some great designer clothes of Nezuko from Demon Slayer, you will always find something unique and incomparable in our collection of Anime Clothes.

Hoodies, T-Shirts, Jackets, Kimonos, Cosplay, Accessories and collectibles, everything that any Otaku and Weeb could desire to purchase online, here only at Japanese Clothing®!

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