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How to use a Japanese Fan
Discover how to use a Japanese Fan as a fashion accessory, dance accessory and how to hang and display them on your wall as a home decoration!
What is a Hanten Jacket
In this article, you will discover what is a Hanten Jacket, how to wear it perfectly, how to clean it and, mostly, where to find your perfect Hanten for men and women at the best price!
Top 15 Best Kpop Groups in 2021
Discover the 15 best Kpop groups in 2021 that are currently the most ranked boy and girl Kpop bands in the world. Is your favorite band top position? Discover it now!
Best Japanese Streetwear Brands
Discover the 10 most notorious and best Japanese Streetwear Brands in the world and learn how they've created and how they conquered the world of Fashion with their true Japanese inspiration line of Clothing.
What is a Souvenir Jacket
Learn in this article what is a Souvenir Jacket, the famous embroidered Jacket from Japan called Sukajan created in Yokosuka during the 20th century and discover how to style it and where to buy one safely!
What is a samurai?
In this article, you will discover what is a samurai, the way they lived their life and how important their role has been in Feudal Japan and what does it take to become a Samurai!
What is a Weeb (Weeaboo)?
Discover what is a weeb and what does weeb mean with a very well structured article. Everything that you need to know about the weeb community, brought to you by Japanese Clothing®!
Japanese Clothing Brands
Discover the most notorious Japanese Brands of the Land of the Rising Sun from Streetwear, casual to traditional and learn everything there is to know about Japanese Fashion Trends for official Japanese Companies!
Japanese Culture

Discover the best Japanese Culture Facts, the traditions, the fashion, the food, the sports and more, everything in one single article!