Angel Wings Shirt

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Angel Wings Shirt 

Tenshi (天使, lit. Angel) are the Japanese angels and a meaningful symbol in Japanese art, sculpture, theater and in Japanese Shinto and Buddism religions. They are those who carry the goodwill of God to mortals. That is why our Angel Wings Shirt is going to offer you the same powers as those famous eastern angels.

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For a trendy Harajuku look in couple, nothing better than an Japanese Angel Wings T-Shirt

It is said that those who are recognized as Tennin (天人, lit. "Heaven(ly) Person") are solitary creatures who succeed in whispering their words to God's ear and are now living on mountain peaks. Lots of mortals in the past tried to meet them by climbing these mountains in order to meet the holy spirits, not many have come back.


  • Elegant Streetwear Japanese Shirt: This apparel is very pleasant to wear on a daily basis and can be worn all seasons of the year without any inconvenience 
  • Elegant and comfortable: We designed our clothing line with only the best materials to allow them to always last much longer than other T-Shirts from other companies
  • Premium Material: 100% Cotton
  • High-quality productFits well on both women and men body  
  • Machine washable at 30°C (86°F)

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    Jessika B.

    Very good product, it's very expensive but the material is not cheap at all and the printing is perfect!!! I was very anxious for paying this price for this product but I can say that I'm pretty happy with it now :))