Japanese Hoodie

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Showing 337–360 of 366 results

Japanese Hoodie, the most Aesthetic Japanese Streetwear Top for Men and Women

Comfortable in cold and warm environments, suitable for both women. men and kids, easy to dress with lots of style outfits… The Japanese Hoodie is definitely a must-have for any Japanese fashion lover.
Hoodie in Japanese is called パーカー (lit. Paka) but Japanese people also use the term トレーナー (Torēnā) which is the Japanese word for crewneck Sweatshirt that refers to this type of apparel too.
Since the opening of Japan to the western countries, Japanese Inspired Hoodies have managed to conquer men’s and women’s closets very quickly.
Timeless piece of apparel for all ages, the Japanese sweatshirt lost over time its label of “sportswear” clothing to become a masterpiece of Japanese fashion for every day in 2020.

Japanese Style Hoodies for every taste

If you’re looking for the perfect streetwear or traditional Japanese style for your next outfit, you’ve come to the right place! The best Japanese hoodies and sweatshirts can be worn as you see fit and come in various styles to match your personality. To name a few, here is a list of any type of Japanese Pullover Hoodie you can find in our collection:
– A Japanese Anime Hoodie if you’re a true Otaku looking for an aesthetic way to show your love for your favorite manga
– A Japanese Kawaii Hoodie if you love soft and pastel colors
– Oversized Japanese Graphic Hoodies with a aesthetic print if you want a more urban and streetwear look
– A Traditional Japanese Hoodie if you want to stay in accordance with Japanese values with apparel printed or embroidered with vintage Japanese Symbols, Kanjis, Animals, Logo and more

Designer Japanese Hoodies and Sweatshirts, but not that expensive

Need to stand out from the crowd? Want to share your passion for Japan? Why don’t choose one of the best Japanese sweatshirts in our store for a unique and trendy style? From cheap to expensive, it’s time to make your choice!

Most of our cool Japanese sweatshirts are printed with an incredible design from the Japanese culture. Any Hoodies with Japanese Text on sleeve, front or back of the fabric from our collection has been chosen by our team for its style and elegance and is available in different colors like black, white, red, yellow or pink so that any customer can adapt their look to their taste.

Our cute Japanese hoodies are simply true pieces of art and are guaranteed with exceptional quality. The fabric, soft and thick, with comfy hypoallergenic cotton for warmth, style and comfort make them perfect pullover to wear on a daily basis. The front kangaroo pocket is perfect to put your little things in. The hood, equipped with a drawstring and a crewneck, adds volume at the shoulders to give you a nice athletic V-shape silhouette.