Kimonos for Women

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For a special event such as a graduation ceremony, a wedding, a festival, or even as a costume for a cosplay party, a Kimono for Women is the perfect outfit that will fulfill your expectations in terms of elegance and style.

A beautiful Japanese Women Kimono for a successful Japanese Fashion outfit

As for the men, the Japanese Women Kimono is the traditional Japanese dress worn by Japanese women for hundreds of years. it’s a Japanese garment made with a T-Shaped garment of silk or cotton fabric and printed/embroidered with beautiful patterns and symbols most often inspired by femininity or nature. This is why the most popular short or long Kimono robes for women are those featuring floral patterns like the Sakura (Cherry Tree) or birds like the beautiful Japanese Crane.

First, mostly used by the rich bourgeoisie of Japan during the Edo period, women’s Kimono dress has become very popular in 2021 and can be worn today by any woman in the world without any inconvenience. 

However, like many aspects in their culture, Japanese people are very strict with rules and especially those for traditional dress. That is why it is fundamental that you know several things before you go out in the street with your brand new Kimono for women. You could make mistakes that you should absolutely avoid and that could ruin your stay! So here are the most important points.

How to wear a Kimono women?

1. Always wear a Nagajuban and underwear beneath it

Authentic Japanese Kimonos for women are made mostly with silk which is a very sensitive fabric that is not made to be cleaned aggressively by your home washing machine. Further, certain kimonos can cost thousands of dollars so you must take care of them. That’s why you should always wear Nagajuban and underwear beneath it. However, you don’t have to wear bras with them, Japanese women usualy don’t wear bras anyway.

2. Always cross the left side over the right side

A common mistake made by foreigners, remembers to always cross the left side over the right side of your Kimono dress. So always verify twice before going outside, Japanese people won’t accept this mistake from foreigners as it’s a big insult to their traditions.

3. Pair your Kimono for Women with a beautiful Obi Belt and a Kimono Sash

To close your kimono in an aesthetic way, choose an Obi Belt that matches the color of your outfit to hold all the pieces of the Kimono together. Also, if you want to look like a real geisha, don’t forget to bring a cute Kimono Sash that will attach to the back of the Kimono.

4. Wear Traditional Geta and Tabi socks

Finally, to complete your outfit, don’t forget to choose some nice Geta sandals made of wood with a pair of Tabi socks that usually separate the big toe from the others.

5. Prefer to wear a Yukata for women in summer rather than a Kimono

In Japan, the summer period is extremely hot in the Japanese archipelago, that’s why it’s more comfortable to wear a Yukata women made in cotton or polyester, much lighter and cooler than the traditional Kimono during this season. The Japanese Women Yukata is a garment very similar to the Kimono, but designed in a single layer of lightweight fabric. You can choose it in plain colors like black, white, red, blue or with floral patterns if you wish.

And, that’s it! With all this information, you should be ready to go outside looking like a real modern-day Japanese geisha!