Men's Kimono

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What is a Kimono men?

Kimonos for men are the male versions of the traditional Japanese garment called Kimono (きもの/着物, lit., “thing to wear”) that is the national dress in Japan. There are mostly two types of Kimono for men:

1. Japanese Kimono Men

A Japanese Kimono for Men is a luxury T-shaped silk garment worn left side wrapped over right with square sleeves and a rectangular body that goes down to the ankles. Like for female version, Kimono robes for men are worn with a wide sash, called an obi and are commonly paired with traditional Japanese footwear called zōri sandals and tabi socks.

2. Mens Kimono Jacket

Mens Kimono jackets are special cropped overcoat garments that are often worn as a cardigan over a traditional Japanese Kimono. Made mainly of cotton and polyester for warmth while remaining breathable and a tailored collar, a men’s kimono jacket is very aesthetic and very popular to wear with both traditional and modern outfits.

Do Men Wear Kimonos?

If you’re asking yourself if can Men wear kimonos? The answer is simple: Yes, of course, they can! Kimonos are traditional outfits worn by both men and women and aren’t gender exclusive on one single side. However, colors, designs, patterns and ways to style your Kimono tend to very, obviously depending on what gender you decide to wear your Kimono Robe with.

What are Men’s Kimonos called?

Men’s Kimonos are called “Montsuki” which are a formal black silk kimono worn over a white Nagajuban and matched with a hakama, a traditional oversized Japanese pants. This combination is the most worn outfit by Japanese men during formal events for hundreds of years.

Men Kimono, the new Traditional Fashion trend in 2021 for the boys

Men Kimono are the traditional Japanese Dress worn by Japanese men during special events such as weddings, religious ceremonies, academic receptions, funerals and of course, festivals like the Matsuris. The Kimono is a fine piece of T-Shaped Loose-fitting garment with a fabric mostly made of silklinen or cotton, very comfortable apparel and very aesthetic to the eyes.

In 2021, wearing a Men’s Japanese Kimono Robe has become even more popular in western countries since the huge increase in the reputation of Japanese Fashion worldwide. Today, it has become very trendy for any man in the USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand and anywhere around the globe to wear a Traditional Kimono Robe mens, mostly for home usage but also outside as an everyday outfit for work or free time.

Men’s Kimono Fashion for a Japanese outfit between classy and sophisticated

Traditional dress reserved in the past only for certain special days in the year, today the Japanese Kimono men can be seen all year long in the streets of Japan. But before stepping a foot outside, it’s very important that you know certain thing according to Japanese traditions about this apparel:

How to wear a men’s Kimono?

To wear a Japanese Kimono men perfectly, you need to respect certain rules:

1. Always wear underwear

The first rule to keep your Kimono for Men is to always wear it with underwear and a Nagajuban. Kimonos’ fabric is very sensitive and cannot be put in the washing machine, so it’s very important to avoid sweating directly in your kimono to prevent moisture.

2. Cross the left side over the right side

The second rule to wear your Men Kimono Dress properly is to always cross the left side over the right side. The only occasion that you will do the contrary is during funerals, so it’s a very disrespectful mistake to wear wrongly in public, Japanese people are very sensitive to traditions. They won’t respect you if you fail this simple rule.

3. Always wear your Kimono with an obi belt and Geta sandals

Avoid wearing sneakers or cheap plastic footwear with your Japanese Kimono men, this could lead to lots of critics from Japanese people. Always wear it with black or white tabi socks along with geta sandals which are wooden sandals raised on two wooden platforms.

4. Wear a Yukata during summer instead of a Kimono

Because a Kimono is a superposition of different apparel (Underwear, Nagajuban, Kimono), this outfit is very warm and is not very pratic to wear during hot weather. In Summer, drop your Men’s Silk Kimono Robe and prefer a Yukata made of cotton, lighter and more adapted to the season. No need of a Nagajuban, just wear your average underwear underneath your Men Yukata.

Now you’re ready to get outside wearing perfectly your brand new Kimono with pride!

Wear a Male Kimono to look like a Samurai of modern times

Today, you can choose a Male Kimono according to your fashion taste. Short or Long sleevehooded, in polyester or cotton, with simple colors like black, blue, green, gray, red or with different patterns and symbols embroidered and printed on it. Just make sure to refer yourself to the size chart of any of our products to always find the right size for your body type!