Japanese Socks

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Check out the best Japanese Socks for men and women specially designed for Japanese Fashion lovers!
Because your feet and ankles deserve the best in terms of style, our collection of amazing Japanese socks are there to offer you comfort and elegance like a true Harajuku boy or girl!

Our collection of the best Japanese socks, made of premium materials such as cotton, polyester and silk comes in different types like crew socks, high knee socks, ankle socks, short, long socks and more! You should definitely match them with some awesome Japanese Sneakers.

Streetwear Socks to complete your favorite Streetwear outfit!

Our collection of Streetwear Socks are inspired by famous designers and brands of Urban clothing like Bape, Nike, Adidas, Champion. Created without any type of cheap materials, these Urban socks are the same that people in Japan, especially in the districts of Harajuku, Shibuya or Shinjuku wear in a daily basis. White, Black, Gray, Yellow, Red, all colors are available to match your favorite Streetwear outfit!

Regardless, if you’re looking for traditional Japanese socks to go with your geta sandals and your favorite Japanese Kimono, please check out our collection of authentic Tabi Socks