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Among the many features, the ones that show the best how rich the history of Japan is are the Traditional Japanese Clothes. The Japanese have worn various traditional clothes for centuries and many of these clothes are still worn today. We can really see that the Japanese preserve and cherish their history and traditions. Among these traditional Japanese clothes, there is a Japanese jacket known as Hanten which is the traditional Japanese Winter Coat.

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For those who are not yet familiar with this garment, the shape of the Hanten is similar to that of the Haori. While some traditional garments could only be worn by one gender, the Hanten can be worn by both men and women. The facing and lining of this type of traditional coat are padded with a very thick layer of cotton fleece.
The purpose of this layer is to provide warmth to the wearer’s body. Indeed, the Hanten is the Traditional Japanese Winter Coat, that’s why it is best to wear the Japanese Hanten in cold weather. Black sateen is used to create the collar of the coat and, in addition, it is also common for the Japanese jacket to be adorned with the family crest of a clan or other patterns. This kind of winter coat is also usually worn over a kimono.

During the latter part of the Edo period, the Japanese Hanten became an everyday garment for the common people. Due to the increasing popularity of wearing Hanten clothing, some Japanese tend to forget that it is actually a traditional garment of the land of the rising sun. However, there is nothing to stop you from staying contemporary by wearing it over a shirt, blouse or t-shirt.

Furthermore, adults are not the only ones to wear a Hanten Jacket in Japan, young children too. It is very common for children to have a Hanten designed with kawaii printed patterns to keep them warm when the weather is cold. Hanten for children are designed with bright colored fabrics to make it look more flashy and kawaii. They are also designed to provide enough warmth to the body in winter. Some children even wear their Hanten over their pajamas before going to sleep because this Japanese coat is more comfortable.

Hanten are made so that the cotton fibers prevent moisture and heat, which helps to keep the fabric warm and dry. If the volume of the inner cotton of the Hanten seems to decrease over time, a good way to bring it back to normal is to dry it in the sun.

The sleeves are deliberately shorter so as not to interfere with the work of the hands. Very warm and comfortable.  Stuffed with thick cotton (70%) and polyester (30%) wadding, it is the perfect outfit for winter with free shipping to the UK and USA.

The Hanten also plays a role in representing the many seasons of the Land of the Rising Sun and how the Japanese cope with these seasonal changes. In addition, it also shows how the Japanese value convenience and use of a product while incorporating their love of art into their clothing.

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