Japanese Kimono

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Find yourself the best Japanese Kimono that you would be proud to wear at your next Masturi!

In Japanese fashion, there is nothing more renowned and emblematic than the famous Japanese Kimono. Iconic garment of the Land of the Rising Sun, this outfit has seen its reputation increased following the opening of Japan to various western countries.

Kimono in Japanese is called きもの (着物) which is translated in an English equivalent as “thing to wear” which is a pretty simple definition don’t you think? In the past, only the nobles and the riches were able to afford this type of clothing. Today, in 2021, it is now possible to find a cheap and affordable authentic Japanese Kimono to wear on a daily basis

Japanese Kimono Dress is the traditional dress worn by Japanese people during several important ceremonies such as weddings, diploma ceremonies, funerals, or at popular events or at a festival like a Matsuri. To create this complex type of clothing, a Japanese Kimono Robe is handmade with several parts of premium cotton and silk fabric that come in one piece after sewing them together.

At first very sober, Japanese Kimonos became a way to show its wealth by wearing lots of different colors and beautiful patterns and designs on it, must of them taking their origin in the ancient Japanese culture or Japanese Folklore such as:

– Demons like Oni, Hannya

– Animals like Foxes (Kitsune), Dragons

– Nature symbols like Cherry Blossom Flowers (Sakura), Water Waves

– Anime symbols and characters like Naruto, One Piece, Demon Slayer and more

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Turn yourself into an authentic Geisha with an amazing Kimonos for women!

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How to style Kimono?

You finally found your brand new Kimono, it’s just perfect but you don’t know how to accessorize it? Don’t worry, here is a list of all the essentials to style perfectly a Kimono!

1. Wear a Nagajuban below it

As the fabric of a Kimono is very fragile and cannot be washed like normal clothes, it’s very important that you wear it with a Nagajuban below it to protect him from sweat and moisture.

2. Accessorize it with a colorful Obi Belt in silk

Obi Belts are the perfect ornament to wear at your waist to add a beautiful touch of shining color and make your outfit even more original!

3. Add a cute Kimono Sash for a Geisha style

A Kimono sash is a supplement to add to your obi belt. Japanese people tie their obi belts forming like a ribbon-like sash, but you can also purchase some already made so that you can just clip them on the fabric!

4. Geta Sandals to hurt your feet like a true Japanese

Geta sandals are the traditional Japanese shoes that most men and women worn in the past with their kimono. Not very comfortable but still very trendy, this footwear is a must-have to complete your Japanese kimono outfit down to your toes!

5. Keep cool with an aesthetic Japanese Fan

Everybody loves to wave a beautiful Japanese Fan when it’s hot outside. Coming in dozens of colors and with lots of different designs, it’s definitely a great fashion accessory in 2021.

6. Use a Japanese Umbrella to protect your skin pure and white

White skin is the symbol of purity in Japan, so most women tend to use sun fans in spring and summer to protect their skin from UV rays and keep a white shining skin all year along.

Choose a Long Kimono for important events

Depending on your style, you can choose several types of Kimono dresses. If you want a full traditional look for an important event, you may want to choose a Long Kimono Robe with long sleeve. This type of Kimono robe is the one that Japanese citizens wear respectfully during serious ceremonies.

Be careful, no extravagance is allowed, your outfit must be sober with no symbols or too many excentric patterns on it unless you go to a Matsuri. If not, always choose simple colors like black, blue or white.

Wear a Short Kimono for a more comfortable style

Because Kimonos are no longer made only for important situations, you can now choose to wear a Short Kimono Robe which is the best outfit to show off your beautiful legs!

Short Kimono dress is a variant of the original traditional outfit that is worn by women in spring and summer. Made of premium materials like cotton, silk and polyester, you can wear them inside as well as outside!