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If you’re asking yourself where to buy yukata online, you’ve come to the right place! Made of high-quality fabric made of cotton, silk and polyester, these traditional Japanese Summer robes are just one of the most comfortable and aesthetic garments to wear during hot days.

What is a Yukata?

The Yukata (浴衣) is a type of traditional Japanese clothing that is worn in summer and is more casual and lighter than other kimonos. It was originally intended as a type of clothing to relax in after taking a bath in Feudal Japan and has since become both indoor and outdoor wear.

Nowadays Japanese people often wear a Yukata to summer festivals, fireworks festivals, to go out to eat or when visiting temples. It is very common to see both Japanese and foreigners wearing yukata in tourist spots such as Kyoto, Kamakura, Kurashiki or Tokyo.

Even outside Japan, you can find several occasions to wear a yukata, for example at anime conventions, cosplay events, at home, parties with friends or intercultural events, or simply after a bath!

It is customary for men to wear loose-fitting yukatas, women generally wear them more tightly. This can make movement difficult. On the train, for example, women wearing a yukata may have trouble raising their arms and reaching the handles, so offer your arm to support them.

When walking together, you should carry the same speed so that your date can keep up without her yukata unraveling. There is no need to rush in a small country like Japan, so take your time and walk at a leisurely pace when. One of the most memorable things you can do during the summer in Japan is to wear a yukata.

It really enhances the enjoyment of summer events such as festivals, fireworks and visits to traditional Japanese areas. The idea of wearing a yukata may be intimidating for some people, but I recommend that you keep the above tips in mind and give yukata a try this summer.



How to wear a Yukata?

The yukata (浴衣) is the summer version of the kimono, which is a typical Japanese dress, lighter and more informal. Made of cotton, it is usually worn at Japanese festivals or matsuris or while staying at a ryokan, to walk comfortably around the grounds. Here are the different steps explaining how to put a yukata on:

1. Put on the garment

Put on the yukata over your underwear. Adjust the edges of the collar so that they are at the same height.

2. Close your Yukata correctly

To close a Yukata, you need to fold the right side of the yukata over the hip bone and the left side of the yukata over the top.

3.  Put on and adjust the Obi belt

When your Yukata is conveniently closed, adjust the length of the Obi to locate the center of the belt. The belt should be around the waist for women and around the hips for men

4. Turn the belt to the front

Once the Obi Belt is correctly adjusted to your body, you need to make turn the fabric so that the node is facing the front.

And that’s it, you’ve convenably put on your favorite Yukata. Now you can complete your outfit with an aesthetic Haori to wear over your dress with some comfy Geta Sandals!


How to wash a Yukata?

Here we will explain in a few simple steps the process of ho to wash your yukata. These simple instructions can be applied also for synthetic kimonos, but NEVER for SILK kimonos.

1. With a small brush we gently rub the parts of the kimono that get dirty the most: the bottom, the collar and the opening of the sleeves. I particularly use a soap for delicate clothes, to avoid damaging the fabric.

2. Fold the yukata or kimono correctly and place it inside a mesh bag. This bag is used to put delicate clothes in the washing machine. It is advisable to use it so as not to damage the garment.

3. Put the yukata in the washing machine. As it is a garment that is not very dirty, the ideal is to put a short washing program and, as before, use a detergent for delicate clothes. If it has a label we can check the temperature, usually 30º, although I prefer to wash it in cold water. I do not recommend putting other garments in the washing machine. If you do it is better to be absolutely sure that none of the garments can fade.

4. When the washing machine runs out, take it out immediately to prevent it from wrinkling more than necessary. Remove the bag and spread it out on a towel. Gently squeeze it to absorb the water. Roll it up if necessary.

5. We lay it vertically (if possible) and stretch it with small soft touches to smooth the wrinkles.

6. The next step is to iron it starting with the collar, then the sleeves and finally the body.

7. Fold it (and iron it again if you want, I prefer not to do it so that there are no folds).

Note: If you wish to handwash your Yukata, immerse the garment in a bucket with water and soap for delicate garments. Rub gently. Finally, roll up and wring out. The following steps are the same as above.