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What is a Jinbei?

Jinbei (甚平), also called jinbē or hippari, are traditional Japanese pajamas for men and women made of strong and natural materials such as hemp (linen) and cotton. Jinbei used to be composed only by a top, but, nowadays, Jinbei are composed by a short-sleeved kimono top closed with a knot on the side and short pants set.

Where to buy a Jinbei?

Jinbei clothes are a traditional Japanese summer outfit just like the Yukata, so you can find them on sale in most Japanese clothing stores in major cities in Japan like Tokyo starting April/May and at very affordable prices. However, if you don’t live in Japan and you don’t have the possibility to go there, it can be difficult to find good Jinbei Pajamas.

Fortunately, Japanese Clothing® offers you a great selection of affordable Jinbei clothing and Japanese pajamas for men and women directly available on our online store and shipped worldwide for free to your desired shipping address.

How to wear a Jinbei?

As Japanese Jinbei are not considered a formal garment, there are no strict protocols on how to wear them like for the Kimono or the Yukata. But if you still need some guidance, on how to wear a Jinbei, here are the 3 major steps:

  1. Put on the shorts or the pants depending on your preferences and adjust it as you prefer with the drawstrings
  2. Put on the kimono top by wrapping the left side over the right side of your waist.
  3. Take the two ropes from the left and right side and tie them up to close your garment.

And for some visual tips, please refer to the youtube video below:

How to tie a Jinbei?

There is no rule on how to tie your Jinbei properly. As such, you can decide by yourself which knot you prefer to use to tie it. For convenience, we recommend to use the Standard Shoelace Knot (also called “Bunny Rabbit” or the “Loop, Swoop and Pull”) that is easy to tie and untie.

Here is a tutorial if needed:

Do people wear Jinbei in public?

Traditionally, Jinbei used to be considered as an indoor garment, but has become today a very popular garment that Japanese men and women love to wear outside on their day off during the summer period.

Do women wear jinbei?

Yes of course! Today, Jinbei has become a unisex garment that can be worn by both men and women. While there may be some differences in terms of production, colors or styles available for a specific model, most Jinbei can be worn by both genders.

Can I sleep in a Jinbei?

Yes! Jinbei are above all traditional Japanese pajamas, so you can definitely sleep with them without any issue.