Kimono Jacket

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Discover the most aesthetic Japanese Kimono Jackets for men and Women!

A Kimono jacket is a very trendy top apparel from Japan that is commonly worn over a Kosode or a Japanese Kimono. New version of the traditional Japanese Haori, the Kimono Cardigan is composed of a T-Shape garment featuring designs inspired by the Japanese Culture and Folklore printed or embroidered on the front and back of the piece of fabric.
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Men’s Kimono Jackets for the boys

For many years, Men’s Kimono Jackets have become a must-have in Japanese Fashion, especially during the summer. With its straight cut in light fabric and its loose sleeves, Male Kimono Jackets are very appreciated by all classes of Japanese men who love to wear this traditional garment that comes in various colors and designs and that is commonly made of cotton or synthetic fabric.

Kimono Cardigans for the ladies

Women’s Kimono Jackets are a must-have in Japan when you want to dress up a true Japanese outfit! Unlike men’s jackets, which are usually very sober and uncluttered, Women’s Kimono Cardigans are usually very colorful and are perfect to wear with simple jeans and a white top during the spring and summer seasons.