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What is a Sukajan Jaket?

A Sukajan, also called Souvenir Jacket, is an Embroidered Jacket looking like a full-fledged bomber jacket that is worn as a light European jacket to cover up when the t-shirt is not warm enough but the coat is too heavy.

Composed mainly of cotton, polyester and satin to keep a light feel while being comfortable with its seams, it is suitable for everyday use and a major part of your wardrobe. It is originally a garment made from excess parachute canvas, and, inspired by baseball jackets mixed with Japanese influences. These jackets are for women and men.

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Origins of the Japanese Embroidered Jacket

This jacket has often been featured in films with a prominent protagonist, such as in Driver played by Ryan Gosling for example.

Specialists agree that this garment emerged in the cities where Americans were based, and with time and the mixture of culture is the Sukajan, a garment with American cut but Japanese pattern.

When to wear a Japanese embroidered Bomber Jacket?

An authentic Sukajan Jacket can be worn in all seasons if you take care of it and use it sparingly, it obviously depends on the quality of the satin that is used for the piece but also if you wear it in dry or rainy weather, as you could understand this garment can be worn in all seasons as long as you are careful!

Sukajan Japanese Bomber Jackets remain a major piece for casual wear, this renegade style made in Japan will allow you to assert yourself more than a sober outfit. It remains above all an expensive garment because of the embroideries more or less massive at the level of the back and the sleeves that's why the complete style is not to be neglected!

The foreigners appreciate it greatly because it reminds the Japanese traditions with the various drawings which compose it but this American hybrid aspect makes its charm which makes it unique and timeless. All we advise you is to try it and learn more about it!


How to choose your Sukajan Jacket? 

Are you looking for a unique piece? Want to have an iconic garment in your wardrobe? It's time for you to get a souvenir jacket. This beautiful garment has been worn for decades and is becoming more and more fashionable with its beautiful colorful patterns.

Enhance your style now! These cropped heads Sukajans appeared at the end of the second world war, it was obviously improved through time to obtain this inescapable style. The Sukajan allows you to feel comfortable and embrace the Japanese culture in a modern and confident way.

Finally, that you're living in the US, UK, Australia, Mexico or any other country in America or Europe, we deliver each one of these products with free shipping.

How to wear and style a Souvenir Jacket?

As you must surely know the jacket is the most versatile element of a wardrobe. In the four seasons, it can transform your outfits, according to your desires. There are a thousand ways to wear it. In fashion, we see it very often and declined in many ways, so here is how we advise you to wear a Sukajan to inspire you of the greatest symbols of fashion.

1. Comfy style 

The casual structure of this jacket makes it a good compromise for no-fuss but chic outfits. The variety of models will allow you to find one with the pattern and color you want to embellish your dressing for the weekend. If you are really looking for a light and black style. Then, if you need something quicker, pair it with a beige t-shirt or khaki knit, slim-fit pants or classic navy blue jeans and a pair of trendy sneakers.

2. Hybrid

The Sukajan is perfect for mixing the casual and the more conventional style, much like a denim jacket that we see more regularly on our streets. To achieve this look, ditch your coat and opt for a dark sweater with oversized long sleeves at the hood, then pair it with one of your skinny jeans or one of your chino pants, this outfit will suit you for all occasions, do not hesitate to put on your best belt either.

3. Classy

Drop your trench coats, your chic blazers, suit jackets, shirts, sleeveless blouses and dare to wear your new embroidered or printed jacket with its pockets and its cuts of all sizes you can opt for a little fantasy but classy by accompanying it with a flowing skirt with straight cut with boots adapted to the color of your clothes