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Yukata Women, the perfect summer dress to look like a true Geisha!

Yukata women are lightweight Japanese kimonos for women that are ideal for people who are wearing or buying a kimono for the very first time. They are made of cotton or linen, which makes them very light and comfortable to wear compared to traditional Japanese kimonos. Their appearance is very similar to that of a traditional kimono.

Female Yukata are commonly worn in Japanese culture for spring and summer celebrations, such as cherry blossom opening ceremonies, fireworks displays, and dance festivals. Yukata are very versatile and can be worn indoors as casual wear in any season.

Japanese Clothing® offers lots of unique designs for Yukata robes for women, such as traditional but also retro, floral and animal patterns. Fireworks, golden fish and cherry blossom patterns are some of the most desired designs for Yukata for the summer season in Japanese culture.

We also offer several Yukata sizes and cuts from short Yukata to plus size.