Berzerk Hat
Berzerk Hat
Berzerk Hat
Berzerk Hat

Berzerk Hat

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Because fans will love it, discover our trendy Berzerk Hat, an Anime Streetwear cap for the fans of the manga created by Kentaro Miura!

This cool Japanese headgear is embroidered with the famous symbol of The Brand of Sacrifice (生贄の焼印, Ikenie no Yakīn), a pattern that all the anointed for the Invocation of Doom are marked with. It's definitely a must-have to add to your collection! 


  • Stylish and Elegant Japanese Headwear: Perfect finishing touches with a meaningful logo hand-embroidered from the Japanese Universe
  • Premium Materials: 100% organic cotton
  • Universal and Unisex sizing: Smooth and elastic material, perfect for children and adults
  • Product designed and conceived in Asia
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