Japanese Farmer Coat

Japanese Farmer Coat

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Discover the Japanese Farmer Coat brought up to date in 2021!

As you may know, Hanten Jackets and the traditional Japanese vests were worn by peasants and workers during the Edo Period in Feudal Japan. However, because Japanese Fashion is very attached to its traditions and its past, this garment is making its come back inside any Japanese people's closet and for a good reason!

Today, our Japanese Farmer Coat is a must-have for any Japanese lover who wants to dress in meaningful and authentic Japanese traditional clothes to match their style with the Land of the Rising Sun!

Printed and hand-embroidered fabric of organic cotton made in Asia, fits perfectly to any morphology, woman, and man. Product inspired by Japanese culture.

  • Material: Organic cotton fibers and padding
  • Short Sleeves and aesthetic collar
  • Drawstring front closure
  • Product inspired by Japanese Fashion 

This product is available in two sizes. Please check the size chart below:

Size(cm) Shoulders
M 65 110
L 70 120