How to use a Japanese Fan

How to use a Japanese Fan?

Modern fashion accessory today and traditional object used by the Geishas for their dances and exhibitions since the last few centuries, the use of the Japanese Folding Fan requires grace and lightness in order to transpose all the delicacy of this art.

Here is then an article explaining you how to use a Japanese Fan in the artistic way possible and also offering you a taste of how you can use them as decoration for your home! 

How to open a Japanese Fan? 

As explained above, a Japanese hand fan needs to be handled with ease and delicacy as they are very fragile and could break easily if manipulated with too much strength.

To open a Japanese fan gracefully, it is important to do it in a smooth and peaceful way in order to show all the beauty of this art. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Seize your Japanese Fan by the wooden parts facing each other
  2. Gently move the wooden slats of the frame by sliding them with your thumb.
  3. Continue pushing with your thumb until the fan opens fully without forcing


[Important]: Be sure to always open the hand fan with the design side facing the public so that it can be seen by the people.


Japanese Fan Decoration

If dancing is not your hidden talent, another aesthetic way to use your Japanese Fan is to display it on your wall. Japanese Fan History is very universal and it’s a very popular decoration accessory in Asian and Arab culture. Using them as traditional decorations instead of random wall art from Ikea or Target will give your home a better Feng Shui energy.

How to hang Japanese fans on wall?

Lots of people want to how display a Japanese Fan on their wall but don’t know how to do it. To answer this question, it is important to understand that it depends mainly on the size of your fan and the type of wall where you want to attach it.

The best solution if you can afford to drill your wall is to make between 4 to 6 holes, determined according to your huge fan, in your wall with a concrete bit.Then, insert dowels and screw hooks into them to allow your fan to be securely supported. Finally, don’t forget to use a nylon thread to tie your fan to the hooks to further secure it.

In case you can’t drill your wall, the best solutions are to tape it if it is not too heavy.

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